Mary Mary Quite Contrary

It never fails that every year at this time, I start to form fancy ideas in my head about having an herb garden.  It just seems like a fantastic thing to have access to and in my mind I would have a lovely little garden growing beside my barn/kitchen like Ina Garten.  In reality, I

For the Love of Friday – Spring Ready

I can fake being an adult at a lot of things.  I can bake things, clean things (sometimes), go to the bank, and I even did our taxes this year (which I really feel like I should get some awards for).  However, one adult thing that completely boggles my mind is yardwork.  I just really

For the Love of Friday – Frolic in the Park

Since I was little, the park has maintained a magical presence in my life.  It began when my dad used to take us to navigate our remote control boat (which was awesome by the way) around the lake in Park Road Park and then treat us to a hot dog and candy bar on the

Happy Memorial Day!

Our wishes for you all (and ourselves) on Memorial Day include… Pretty decoration enjoying. Cookie eating. Refreshing beverage or cocktail drinking. Sunbathing. Image credits  1  2  3  4 What we will be doing in the world of reality is paperwork.  Yuck.  Knowing us, we’ll probably sneak some cookie eating in as well.  Hope you guys

A Striped Spring Tablescape

As Colleen mentioned yesterday, this past weekend, we styled a tablescape for spring in my backyard.  This was a very special tablescape for us because not only were we in love with the way it came out, we also love our beautiful and talented bloggie friend Drew from Coral Cafe, who joined us in the crazy circus that

For the Love of Friday- Happy Easter!!

Easter is usually a pretty relaxing holiday for us.  We never travel anywhere or have any big plans.  We generally get together at our parents’ house for brunch and to go on our Easter basket hunt.  Yeah, we still hunt for Easter baskets.  We surely are not ashamed and demand nothing less from our Easter