Out West: Colorado

Oh hi again. I posted part 1 of our trip almost a month ago so hopefully you guys haven’t been holding your breath for part 2, but if you are interested in seeing some pictures of Colorado being terribly good looking, then look no further. After we left Bluff, we spent one night in Telluride,


Out West: Utah and Arizona

Hi there friends! It’s been quite a while since we’ve dusted off this old blog. I wanted to share a few pictures of our recent trip out west where we spent some time in Zion National Park with our friends Jim and Elyse and then took a road trip from Zion to Denver, Colorado. I’ve

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Cape Cod Part II


Hi friends! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Corey was promoted at work (go Corey!) and I’ve been getting lots of things done around the house, including finally finishing putting away our Christmas decorations. It might sound cliche but I am now in getting rid of all things that I don’t need mode. But now let’s

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Cape Cod Part I

cape cod photos

Happy friday! We are having some excitement here in Charlotte because the weather people are calling for snow and obviously the entire city had to go to the grocery store to buy all the things for a month. If snow actually happens, you better believe me and my little Civic hybrid will be staying at

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New Year, New Digs


Well hello there friends! It has been literally half a year since we have spoken. I would apologize, but I know you understand because you are all just as busy as I am. But today is a day of celebration, not only because it is a new year (which I am really and truly trying


Megan + Chris Wedding- Invitations

I really think that the absolute most difficult part of the wedding planning process for me was designing my invitations.  As a calligrapher, I see the most beautiful custom invitations all the time, and it was really tough for me to narrow down what exactly I wanted.  I am also still working on learning to