Colleen’s house

My Makeup Vanity

Want to know how to feel like a fancy grown up? Get a makeup vanity. It actually makes me want to put on makeup in the morning. Kind of. This is the first corner of the bedroom that I feel is 100% complete after we painted last year, my mom DIYed our roman shades, and I

Bedroom Updates

Remember when I said I was going to buy a headboard about a year ago? And then talked about it again a couple of months ago? Well it’s a Christmas miracle because I finally did it and obviously bought a completely different headboard than I said I was going to. Then the exact same day

Fabric Bubb

Hi friends! It’s been awhile. In fact, this has been the longest time between posts since we started this little blog in 2011. This started out as a place where we shared DIYs and party decor, but now we pretty much just share whatever it is we are spending our time on whether it be

Laundry Room After

Well we finished the laundry room and it was every bit as magical as I hoped.  Mostly because there are no longer random pieces of furniture strewn all over the hallway being in my way.  We haven’t quite put the doors back on the closet/room but that is a minor detail that I can’t be

Simple Christmas Mantle

Big news folks!  I just found out last night that I passed the PE Exam!  Oh man am I relieved that I won’t have to start all over with studying!  To celebrate, let’s talk about my Christmas mantle.  This year and last, I have been liking the idea of more simple and neutral decorations.  A

Free Botanical Prints

Oh Monday.  You are back again.  All I really want to do is stay home and begin Christmas decorating whilst making hot chocolate from one of the 50 hot chocolate packages that we picked up this weekend (along with eggnog).  My holiday beverage situation is in check.  However, I am holding off on decorating until