Herb Infused Cocktails

Happy happy Friday!  This weekend is supposed to be quite nice here in Charlotte so I have plans to do some planting of some things.  I intend to do a wide pot full of herbs again this year because I discovered that I made good use of the ones I planted last year. This year

Cat Friendly Plants

If you happen to be both a cat lover and a plant lover, you have probably already figured out that the majority of plants are actually toxic to cats.  Big bummer.  I will just have to pass on all of those gorgeous fiddle leaf figs that everyone keeps talking about (although let’s face facts I

Ready For Spring

Good gracious y’all.  I am cold.  Chilled down to my bones.   I’m so sick of being cold.  I know in my head that it will warm up soon.  Spring starts today after all.  But I just can’t feel it in my heart.  I’m scared the warm will never come again.   Well, if winter

Pretty Potted Plants

Although I’ve appreciated the many days we’ve spent hibernating in front of Netflix marathons, I think I’m officially ready for spring.  We had a couple of 70 degree days over the past week and I’ve since been itching to start beautifying the outside of our home.  Since I’m a horticulture newbie, last spring was spent

Paper Wreath {DIY}

Lately I have had wreaths on the brain.  But I always think the ones I see at stores are a little bit unattractive.  I still super love the boxwood wreath that I bought at Target at Christmastime.  The sad news about a real boxwood wreath is that you have to keep it inside because if

For the Love of Friday- Trigger

I have this relatively large tree in the middle of my smallish backyard.  Each year at this time, the buds that formed in early March start to open up and become little white flowers.  I know that this year, like every year, the delicate white flowers will promptly turn a blush pink and then they