For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday – Frolic in the Park

Since I was little, the park has maintained a magical presence in my life.  It began when my dad used to take us to navigate our remote control boat (which was awesome by the way) around the lake in Park Road Park and then treat us to a hot dog and candy bar on the way home.  Shhh don’t tell mom.  She’s not supposed to know about the candy.  My relationship with the park evolved when Megan, with her newly minted license, would whisk me off to Pineville Park to swing on the swings after a scary venture to Catwoman’s Bridge.  Wonder if people still do that. After Megan went off to college, I continued to take my high school friends to the park as a secret getaway.  A place where we could discuss our very grown up problems.  Now, I still seek the park as a place of refuge. Whenever I feel a little bit lost or a little bit down, I go there to frolic.  If you will.  I have been in a bit of a funk recently, so Corey took me one evening this week and I felt immediately rejuvenated.  Sometimes a little bit of your childhood is the best kind of medicine.

I met these baby ducks along the way and camped out here to take approximately 700 pictures of them.  These two are named Fred and Bartholomew.  Don’t call Bartholomew Bart.  He doesn’t like that.


I don’t know if you guys knew this about me but I was once attacked by a goose.  Most terrifying 30 seconds of my life.  This guy brought back those nightmares.

Do you guys have extra special places that you go to rejuvenate yourselves?  Happy Friday!

  1. Taylor

    Colleen you are hilarious. I love that Bartholomew does not wish to be called Bart. He’s a very sophisticated duck indeed. I absolutely love Pineville Park. I always found it very peaceful and beautiful. Not a lot of people went to that park. Sort of out of the way and hidden. I loved walking around the pond and swinging while thinking about high school life. Such a tough time 😉 And how could anyone forget Catwoman’s bridge?? Lordy day did we have some scary times there. Yipes! Now, I like to visit Colonel Francis J Beatty Park. It’s the closest thing I can get to being in the mountains. Whenever I’m stressed or down, I long for the mountains. My heart belongs in the mountains. The ol’ Colonel is a great place for walking and thinking and being alone. The trails are in the woods so I sort of feel like I’m up in Boone, walking a trail off the parkway. You should go sometime.

  2. marilyn

    We should get another remote control boat.
    That was fun.

  3. Christina

    I can understand your goose fear, I was once attacked by a pelican down in Key West.

    PS – teach me how to use my camera! Your pics are unreal! Happy Weekend!

  4. Megan

    We need to go swinging soon. I’m kinda sad I missed the trip. I think we could definitely arrange a hot dog and candy bar situation on the way home. For old times sake. 🙂

  5. Colleen

    Taylor that sounds fantastic! I will have to go check it out! Dad and Megs, am in full agreement on both parts. Christina, what kind of camera do you have? Is it a DSLR? I just let my fantastic lens do all the work. You should get one – 50 mm 1.8 f – pretty cheap and worth every cent.

  6. Stephanie G

    The kids raised ducks one year. When they got big enough the bird dog accross the street would lick his lips so we thought they needed a different home. We took them to Pineville park and turned them loose. They were named Homer and Bart!!

  7. Stephanie G

    Loved the pictures.

  8. Beth

    LOOOOVE this! Beautiful pics and a hilariously awesome story to go with it… we had Milham Park back home, but I’m still trying to decide whether to adopt Cherry Park (in Rock Hill), Crowders Mountain State Park (in Belmont), or Colonel Francis Beatty Park (Pineville/Weddington area) as my new spot!