Fabric Bubb

Hi friends! It’s been awhile. In fact, this has been the longest time between posts since we started this little blog in 2011. This started out as a place where we shared DIYs and party decor, but now we pretty much just share whatever it is we are spending our time on whether it be

Randomly Placed Art

We made it back from New Orleans in one piece, although I have felt like a zombie for most of the week and let’s face it probably tomorrow as well.  We ate all of their food, took haunted voodoo and non-haunted gator tours, ate more of their food, and walked approximately 5,000 miles.  Such a

The Five Year Itch

I’ve lived in my house going on 5 and a half years now.  And for the last 6 months or so, I have been getting a serious itch to redecorate.  I think I did a pretty good job (other than the sea of brown in my family room that constantly plagues me) picking out big

Patio Styling

Our backyard patio is one of my favorite parts of our house, with a spacious wood deck lined with rose and peony bushes and an outdoor fireplace.  However, I have yet to decorate it (other than hanging bistro lights for a party right after we moved in).  My excuse is that every time we clean the

Favorite Pendants

Hi friends!  Thank you so much for all of your kind words in response to the post on Thursday!  It means so much that you guys support me in my journey. In less serious news, the world has some really pretty killer pendants right now.  Land of Nod in particular is really knocking my socks

Fabric Canopy Beds

I’ve been inching along on decorating the master bedroom.  At this rate, I should have it finished by sometime next year.  One of the things I’ve been waffling the most about is the headboard.  Most of the time, I’m thinking a nice neutral linen headboard in a curvy shape like I showed in this post.