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Hi friends! It’s been awhile. In fact, this has been the longest time between posts since we started this little blog in 2011. This started out as a place where we shared DIYs and party decor, but now we pretty much just share whatever it is we are spending our time on whether it be home decor, calligraphy, or photography. This means a whole lot less DIY and a whole lot more random. We’ve never really made money off of this – it was just something we liked to do. So when we’ve been less inspired to post, we just haven’t. We’re sorry. We promise we still love you. Can you tell that I’ve been feeling guilty?

As of late, Megan has been calligraphying into all hours of the night and I have been super busy with work, as well as learning how to be a website developer (code and all), and then also second shooting weddings. I’ve been terribly happy but also terribly busy. So busy that I’ve barely even thought about house decorating at all recently. Tonight I just realized how much I need to update most of my pillows, which I’m pretty sure I said I was going to do like a year ago. I have a couple of attractive pillows Meg gave me but most of the rest are left over from college when I was still in love with damask. I no longer love damask. The thing is, they cost money, and unless it’s film, film processing, or something for our trip to Ireland in the fall, I have been refusing to spend money. Then I found Fabric Bubb which has gorgeous, fresh, non-stuffy patterns at pretty reasonable prices. I’ve decided to buy a couple of yards for my mom to make pillows of, which will be way cheaper than buying a bunch of $30-$50 pillows. (Thanks mom!) Here are some of my favorites. So good right?


One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

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  1. Katie

    So pretty! I particularly like number 2 and 6. I might be buying my own fabric and breaking out my sewing machine!

  2. Stephanie

    I like all of them but to choose have to know which room you are using them in!! Katie that is an excellent idea!!!

  3. Taylor

    Oh, how excited I was when I saw a new post had arrived!! I’m loving 1, 4 and 5. Love love.

  4. Marilyn

    Wow! I just went on this site and LOVE it. Very reasonable prices and I agree, fresh prints.

  5. Blair Scheepers

    We missed you guys! But please don’t feel guilty. I just posted on my blog for the first time all year! Talk about neglect…. I love 1 and 6, but I obsessed with anything that sort of resembles wild flowers at the moment.

    When are you heading to Ireland? I’ll be in Dublin in November for the Web Summit.

    • Colleen

      Thanks Blair!! XO