The Five Year Itch

I’ve lived in my house going on 5 and a half years now.  And for the last 6 months or so, I have been getting a serious itch to redecorate.  I think I did a pretty good job (other than the sea of brown in my family room that constantly plagues me) picking out big stuff for my house.  I still like my sofa and main chair mostly along with my wood pieces.  But I am feeling a little bored, I guess.  I won’t actually be redecorating, by the way.  While we may buy a few new things along the way, we probably plan to move in the next couple years or so and it makes more sense to wait until we get in a new house to buy things that fit that.  Furniture dimensions are so tricky and individual to each space.  Furthermore we have a few more pressing financial commitments on our plates right now like weddings.   Despite that, a girl can dream.  And after looking at this, it is apparent that I dream in Anthropologie.  Which I suppose comes as no surprise to anyone.

5 year itch_edited-2

I have been eyeing this pendant for approximately a year now.

Obviously bunnies.

A nice new sofa with beauty lines.

Pillows to sauce it up  1  2

I can’t decided if I would like something more like this rug or this rug.  I like the traditional feel of the second but the first looks fluffier.  I will never again get a really dark rug.  Despite what you may have been led to believe, it shows EVERYTHING and by everything, I mean little orange cat hairs.

I like the idea of some super modern touches like this lamp in a more traditional space.

I bought myself this star as a birthday present the other day because I decided our house needed it.  I also bought that gold pot that Colleen shared in yesterday’s post.  It’s a winner.

Loving this wood campaign feeling dresser

This is a perfect mantle mirror, I believe.

That’ll do nicely.

  1. Taylor

    You have such a good eye for this kind of stuff; you and Colleen both. Even though my mom is an interior designer I have a hard time putting a room together. I love your itch picks. 😉

  2. Megan

    Thanks Tay! Anyone know why I made those pillows look like they are disappearing?

  3. Taylor

    Meg, I’m sure you were just wanting to add a little magicalness to your post 🙂