Adding Warmth to a Room

I don’t think it is any secret that I love neutrals, particularly cold neutrals.  Grey, navy, white, and more grey.  So a while back when my girl Emily Henderson told me that every room needs to be balanced with some warmth, I was like well crap.  What do I do with my grey, blue, and

A Touch of Pink

I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards last night and started to notice a theme.  Even though I don’t typically decorate (or wear) all that much pink, I kept finding little bits of pink in some of my favorite images.  A little hint of color in an otherwise neutral room seems to really help bring

Just some lamps

You guys talked me into it – I am definitely going to paint the pantry door black this weekend.  It didn’t hurt that Meg had an extra can of black laying around to give me because free is always the right price.  I am antsy to work on our bedroom some more as well but

Wall of Mirrors

So I’m finally taking the professional engineering exam next week, which I’ve spent probably close to 100 hours in the past several months studying for.  I would be nervous if I wasn’t so sick of studying.  I’m kind of at that point where I’m just ready to get the thing over with.  I’m also ready

Little Fall Changes

Hi guys.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and at least got through your Mondays unscathed.  I think that’s about all we can really ask from a Monday.  I had a pretty delightful weekend filled with fally things like a really great chili recipe that I made Friday night, a trip to Huntersville’s fall festival

Bed Options

Corey and I went to Charleston this past weekend so I could shoot an engagement session for some close friends (which I promise to share as soon as I get the film back) and strolling around the city made me realize how much I’ve been neglecting our landscaping (those window planters!!) and also our bedroom