Twisted Tissue Garland {DIY}

I wanted to make some quick and easy garland in a mint color for Colleen’s birthday game night and I remembered a garland that Colleen had made previously that used crepe streamers.  The only problem was that I couldn’t find any crepe streamers in a minty color in any of my usual haunts and I

Birthday Game Night and Technical Issues

Last week, I decided to throw together a super last minute mini birthday celebration for Colleen in the form of a game night.  Corey took her to Charleston the weekend before for her real birthday celebration but I thought it might be nice to do something little anyways.  Since I had around 3 days to

Happy 27th Birthday Colleen!

Today is a pretty special person’s birthday.  My very favorite person, really.  Her name is Colleen and she is my sister.  You may be familiar with her.  Last year on her birthday, I bragged about how awesome she is.  I could do the same thing this year because I am pretty sure she just keeps

Corey’s 29th Birthday

When we got back from Europe, I realized that Corey’s birthday was in one week and I had literally no plans.  None.  Whoops.  So I thought it might be fun to throw a last minute party for him and all of his friends.  Despite my super late invitation, most of our favorite people were able

Little Letter Cupcake Toppers {DIY}

I like to refer to April as “the month of cake.”  It seems that at least twice a week in April each year, I find myself indulging in some form of cake.  Mostly this is because of the various individuals in my life (including myself) who have April birthdays.  This quite obviously makes it one

Geometric Birthday Printables

So I really meant to do this last week, when it would have actually made sense since I was showing you guys all the birthday party pictures and DIYs and jazz but then the week got crazy and it just didn’t happen.  Instead, I’m giving them to you today.  You know, just in case you