On Colleen and Willow (Happy Birthday)

I am coming in hot today with some important information that needs to be shared about Colleen.  Since today is her 29th birthday, I thought it would be just about the right time to do it.  I am sure you all have seen the movie Willow, the epic journey of a dwarf and Val Kilmer trying

The Month of Cake

Today is Megan’s birthday so we all need to wish her the happiest and most delicious birthday!  I’ll wait will you all call her to sing her your best birthday song.  Done?  Good.  So we call April the month of cake because it starts with Easter and Easter baskets brought by our Easter bunnies (yes

Happy Birthday Colleen!

Happy birthday Colleen!  Colleen is in New York for her birthday today.  The trip was a gift for Corey’s birthday but Colleen worked it out so they would be there on her birthday too.  That is one smart chick.  Anywho, since today is her birthday and she is awesome, I thought it might be fun

Corey’s 30th Birthday

Believe it or not, I wasn’t originally planning on throwing Corey a party for his 30th birthday.  His big birthday present is a trip to New York at the end of July to see his favorite soccer team.  But then I thought about it, and I decided I would feel like a bit of a

Happy Birthday Megan!

Whenever people meet Megan and I at the same time, they almost always comment on the fact that we sound alike.  We use all the same strange vocabulary and vocal mannerisms.  So much so that Megan can trick Corey into thinking that she is me on the phone.  There is a very simple reason for

Meg’s Birthday Party

Corey and I threw a bit of a last minute birthday party for Meg this past weekend.  Her birthday is this week I’ve been so preoccupied trying to plan our California trip in early May that I basically forgot to get my act together until a week ago or so.  Luckily, our friends are the