Geometric Birthday Printables

So I really meant to do this last week, when it would have actually made sense since I was showing you guys all the birthday party pictures and DIYs and jazz but then the week got crazy and it just didn’t happen.  Instead, I’m giving them to you today.  You know, just in case you have any birthday parties coming up.  Or an inexplicable need to hang Happy Birthday signs from your window.  I won’t judge you.  I was actually sad when we took ours down because it made that little nook ever so festive.

For these, I printed out two of each page so I could have a front and back to each letter and glued the two sides together.  Then I used a hole punch and twine to tie them together.  I also used these exact same printables for the garland hanging across the fireplace, so you can use these either vertically or horizontally.  The garland shown above says “Happy Birthday Caitlin and Megan” but if you want a similar look with multiple vertical garlands, you can just print out the say “Happy Birthday Happy Birthday.”  Or something.

Birthday Garland Printable-Sheet 1

Birthday Garland Printable-Sheet 2

Birthday Garland Printable-Sheet 3

Birthday Garland Printable-Sheet 4

I really liked how these little placecards turned out, even though I made them last minute.  I’m including the pdf for these (without text) as well.  I like them because they are kind of messy looking, so I think they would look just great with the food dish handwritten as they do with the printed text.  Well not my handwriting, because it is awful.  But I’m sure y’alls is better.

Watercolor Placecard Printable






  1. Taylor

    You must have so much patience to glue all those letters together. I commend you dear. They did look fabulous in the lil nook 🙂 I also loved the little placecards for the different foodies. So freakin cute and really added a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to the party. you know how to do it up right, child!