Twisted Tissue Garland {DIY}

I wanted to make some quick and easy garland in a mint color for Colleen’s birthday game night and I remembered a garland that Colleen had made previously that used crepe streamers.  The only problem was that I couldn’t find any crepe streamers in a minty color in any of my usual haunts and I had no time to wait for them to be delivered.  So I improvised by buying a couple packs of lovely mint tissue paper from Hobby Lobby confident that I would be able to make something work.  I am actually pretty happy with the way it turned out and liked how the slightly imperfect nature of the twisted tissue contrasted with the neat little circle garland that I had on hand.

Twisted Tissue Garland DIY close| Two Delighted

What you’ll need:

– a few packs of tissue in the color of your choice

– scissors

– white covered floral wire or something else similar to connect your links

What you’ll do:

Twisted tissue garland 1 | Two Delighted copy

1.  Cut strips of tissue about 4″ or so in width.  I made this faster by leaving the tissue stacked and cutting lots of sheets at the same time.

Twisted tissue garland diy 2 | Two Delighted copy

2. Leaving about a half an inch to an inch on either end, twist the tissue into little circles.  Holding your thumb on the tissue in the middle of the circle helps them to form.  Work down the length of your tissue.

Twisted tissue garland diy 3 | Two Delighted copy

3.  Finish by using a small length of the floral wire to attach each link of the garland together.  The links are rather small but it actually doesn’t take very long at all to make a long garland with your links.

Twisted Tissue Garland DIY long | Two Delighted

Twisted tissue garland close | Two Delighted

Just a quick, cheap and versatile little garland idea if you are looking for a festive touch for your next party.  Or maybe just your life.  This garland is still up at my house and let’s face facts…there is no telling when it will be coming down.

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!



  1. Kristen

    This looks super cute. Def pinning this. You never know when quick decorations like this will come in handy.

  2. Colleen

    Love this! Such a sweet touch meg.

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Your creativeness amazes me!!!! Love this, Meg!