Megan’s house

Megan’s Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is such a fun and wonderful time of year, but it is also always completely crazy nuts.  Even though I started decorating long before Thanksgiving (shhh), I really haven’t had time to do all that much since then because of going out of town every weekend amongst other things.  Even so, I thought I

Little Lightbulb Changes

There is something that you guys should probably know about me.  It is a secret I have been keeping along with my hoarded boxes and shopping bags that take over my closet floor to the point I can’t walk in there. (Now y’all don’t tell anyone about that.  Appearances must be kept up around here.)

I Painted A Whole House

To be honest with y’all, I wasn’t 100% sure this day would ever come.  But I am happy to report that a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas miracle has occurred (we needed the power of all 3 holidays for this undertaking) and as of yesterday, I actually finished painting my house and detached garage.  I want to send a

Painting Progress

Some of you may remember me discussing choosing a paint color for the exterior of my house in this post.  Well, this weekend I started painting.  As I originally suspected, painting a house is not the most delightful activity I have ever participated in. I also anticipate that this sucker won’t be finished until at

Choosing a House Color

Remember the other day when I told y’all that I would be painting my house and would share the paint samples once I get them up?  Well the day has come…your lucky day!  Just kidding.  I know paint samples are kind of boring.  But I need some input anyways so here we go.  Here is

Little House Changes: Coffee Table Edition

Compared to many other living rooms around town, mine would most likely be considered rather small.  But don’t tell it I said that.  I can tell that it has a little bit of a complex about it and I wouldn’t want to hurt its feelings.  The style of my house is actually called “Cottage” if