Little Lightbulb Changes

There is something that you guys should probably know about me.  It is a secret I have been keeping along with my hoarded boxes and shopping bags that take over my closet floor to the point I can’t walk in there. (Now y’all don’t tell anyone about that.  Appearances must be kept up around here.)  The secret is that I am the absolute worst about changing out my lightbulbs.  As long as I have at least one lightbulb that works in any light fixture in a given room, I see no need to change the rest.  I mostly just don’t want to haul my big ladder inside but buying lightbulbs doesn’t tend to be high on my priority list either.  So if any of you ever come over at night, don’t expect to be able to see anything.  This weekend I decided I would be a big girl and go to Lowe’s for some lightbulbs.   While I was there, I made a last minute decision that it might be cool to get some circle shaped lightbulbs for my chandelier instead of the regular shaped ones.  It has been in the back of my mind for some time because I always find these bulbs to be attractive when I see them in magazines.  So I finally bit the bullet and got some.  May I just say that I am a fan.

new bulbs new | Two Delighted

new circle bulbs old | Two Delighted copy

new circle bulbs | Two Delighted copy

Nothing earth shattering, I realize, but it was a nice quick little $6 change that makes me like my chandelier even more than I did before.  It makes it look slightly more modern, in my opinion.  Thought I would mention it in case anyone else is sick of their chandelier and are looking for a cheap fix.


  1. rox

    the round bulbs 100% make it look more modern!

  2. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Megs totally obsessed with how the round bulbs completely change the appearance of the chandy! It’s beautiful!!!

  3. Marilyn


  4. Katie

    The round bulbs really seem to make it pop! I 100% agree with you that buying light bulbs is not a fun task. I wonder if we could get light bulbs delivered automatically every year?

  5. Katie

    Where is this beautiful chandelier from? Thanks!:)

    • Megan

      Hi Katie! It is from Restoration hardware and it is their Alexandria chandelier but unfortunately they no longer sell it :(. Maybe you can find it on EBay?