Megan’s Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is such a fun and wonderful time of year, but it is also always completely crazy nuts.  Even though I started decorating long before Thanksgiving (shhh), I really haven’t had time to do all that much since then because of going out of town every weekend amongst other things.  Even so, I thought I would show you guys the decorations I did put up.

Megan Christmas 2013 8 | Two Delighted

 My tree.  I never do any fancy themes or anything.  And colored lights is a family tradition.  This year I added in some white as well and I like the mixed look.

Megan Christmas 2013 3-2 | Two Delighted

 This year the center of my mantle is an advent calendar that is an illustration of Parisian houses.  Plus I bought some of these twinkle lights on copper wire from Anthro to put in my cloches.

Megan Christmas 2013 6 | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2013 5 | Two Delighted

 Tinsel garland makes everything better, I think.

Megan Christmas 2013 2 | Two Delighted

 I added some greens cut from the bottom of my tree to the corner of my mirror.  My sparkle house obsession continues.

Megan Christmas 2013 1 | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2013 Juice | Two Delighted

 “Mom, what do you think you are doing?”

Megan Christmas 2013 4 | Two Delighted

I also added some greens and garland to my gallery wall.  I wouldn’t want to leave him out.

How did y’all decorate for Christmas this year?  Do your cats like to run circles around the bottom of your tree knocking needles to all corners of your house as much as mine do?


  1. Carolina Charm

    amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! I die over the snowflakes! Meg, come decorate my house! I totally slacked on the inside this year. xo

    • Megan

      Thanks honey! Although I am sure you did a lovely job decorating your house. I have no doubt 😉

  2. Lacey

    It’s all beautiful! Love the tinsel garland in the corner the best!

    • Megan

      Thanks lady! I bought a bunch from Target last year and then they had it again this year so I bought more. Overall I was a little disappointed in their selection this year so I didn’t feel too bad buying a bunch of garland.

  3. citron rose bleu

    you have such a gorgeous home, my dear!!! and all of your decorations are just lovely and so festive! Merry, merry! XO

    • Megan

      Thanks Brynn! XO

  4. Taylor

    You have the most beautiful decorations in this nation! I feel happy just seeing the pictures. Your very own Bowker Winter Wonderland.