Megan’s house

Mirror Gallery Wall

I know it seems like Colleen and I are posting a new gallery wall from our homes like every other week.  At least it feels that way to me.  But this is actually only the second one I have done and Colleen has done 2 as well (one being gigantic) so that adds up to

Semi-Annual China Cabinet Restyle

My china cabinet always ends up being a place where I put a lot of random things.  The main reason for this is cat troublemakers that like to try to eat/break things.  So when I need to put something away rather quickly, the china cabinet is typically my dumping ground.  As a result it is

Planty and Home Things

Sometimes I will get on a random home improvement kick.  While I don’t really have anything huge left to do to my house, it is fun to make small changes from time to time.  After Colleen did this post about cat friendly plants, I decided that maybe my little house needed some of them.  So

Pink For Girls Guest Room

So, I came to the realization this weekend that I have never showed y’all one of my very favorite rooms in my house.  After all this time.  That’s just silly, really.  It may be because I stole the lamps on the bedside tables out of it about a year ago and put them in my

My Calligraphy Mess

In case anyone is wondering, I did not get to go on my trip this weekend.  My flight definitely got canceled along with 1000s of others due to the storm and what I suspect was really bad planning on US Airways’ part.  I am not even going to go in to the customer service situation

Buried Alive

There are lots of people that are really good at organizing things and throwing things away that they don’t need.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.  I think I have mentioned previously that I am a touch of a hoarder.  But I prefer to think of myself as a keeper of things.  I