For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Hungry Eyes

There is really no question that big cities such as New York, LA, and Chicago have quite alot to offer an individual in the way of weekend activities.  And Charlotte, being a smaller city in comparison to the world of cities, has maybe not quite as many exciting events and opportunities of fanciness.  But one

For the Love of Friday- Happenings

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some more random bits from my life lately… I finally bought myself some ranunculus from Trader Joes and boy are they good lookin.  I feel like I need to buy flowers to display in my house more often.  Not a big financial commitment and yet they seem to improve the

For the Love of Friday – Songs from Movie Soundtracks

Maybe it’s because of how much we love movies, but a pretty heavy percentage of our favorite songs seem to be from movie soundtracks.  Whenever I hear a song from one of my favorite films, it always takes me back to how I was feeling when I was watching it – happy, sad, wistful, or

For the Love of Friday- Trigger

I have this relatively large tree in the middle of my smallish backyard.  Each year at this time, the buds that formed in early March start to open up and become little white flowers.  I know that this year, like every year, the delicate white flowers will promptly turn a blush pink and then they

For the Love of Friday- Happy Easter

From these baby bunnies.  Look at them and realize how much better their cuteness is making your life.  You’re welcome. Image credits  1  2  3  4  5  6 Another quick word on bunnies.  The average indoor bunny has a lifespan of 10-12 years (similar to a dog) and the average bunny bought for an Easter

For the Love of Friday – Spring Ready

I can fake being an adult at a lot of things.  I can bake things, clean things (sometimes), go to the bank, and I even did our taxes this year (which I really feel like I should get some awards for).  However, one adult thing that completely boggles my mind is yardwork.  I just really