For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Happenings

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some more random bits from my life lately…

I finally bought myself some ranunculus from Trader Joes and boy are they good lookin.  I feel like I need to buy flowers to display in my house more often.  Not a big financial commitment and yet they seem to improve the quality of my kitchen environment immensely.

My kitty bubbles have been following their typical schedule of eating, sleeping, and running a muck with any leftover time.  Can you tell which one is the annoyed big brother and which one is the annoying little brother?

My niece (not technically but emotionally) Harper Grace whose first birthday party you may remember turned 2 and had a Minnie Mouse birthday.  Here is her outfit…

She has the same birthday as our beautiful mother who gets mad if anyone makes a fuss over her.  So we play it cool about that.  But our mom really is the best mom so you all should know that about her at least.

Colleen and I have been preparing for our Europe trips and we are determined not to look like ragamuffins while traveling amongst fancy and sophisticated French and British people.  I finally purchased myself some new jeans after mine developed so many holes in the crotch that it is no longer acceptable to wear them.  Three new pairs to be exact.  Only one gets to stay.  I only wear wide leg or flare leg jeans because no matter what you people think, skinny jeans DO not look good on everyone and they surely look awful on me.  I really wanted to like the Emerson Fry Vintage Highrise but I feel like they were made for someone with a different body type then me.  I am shorter, as well as being hippy and butty with a littler waist.  A pear if you will.  Although I do feel like a got a size too big, the waist was huge, the crotch was too long, and they kinda made me butt look flat which it is not.  I looked for reviews on their fit on the internet prior to purchasing which I found none, so that is why I am taking the time to mention all of this.  I think I will end up keeping the MIH Marrakesh Kick Flare jeans even though the leg is really more flare and not as wide as Anthro promised.  Also these were on sale for $50 off when I bought them.  They are super comfy.

I started a new book called Little Bee per recommendation from my mother and so far it is real good.  But I know it is also gonna be real sad so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I have loved Lantana for years so a few weeks ago I planted some in my pretty aqua pot.

Every once in a while, Colleen and I will send each other an email with the subject line, “Oops.”  This is typically referring to purchases made that we probably shouldn’t have.  This was my “oops” for the week.  I couldn’t walk away from this bedspread at the antique mall.  It has tiny little pom poms all over it that make the pattern and was $20.  The stupid part…it fits a twin bed.  Ask me if I have a twin bed.  Oops.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend and gets to enjoy at least a little bit of sun.  It is May after all.

  1. Lindsay

    I like seeing what you girls buy! I LOVE that little bedspread, even if it is a tiny baby one.

  2. Taylor

    AHHH! haha. You kill me. 1) I LOVE ranunculus. I don’t think I knew of them until seeing them all over Pinterest. They are real beauties and quite possibly my favorite. 2) I really enjoy the fact that you called them kitty bubbles. Super great. That appears to be Juice on the stool. He seems a lil grumpy gussy. 3) & 4) Harper Grace is a real ray of sunshine. I love the first picture. So freakin sweet. And she looked so darn cute in that tutu. Eeeek! Love that child. 5) I love that you can make descriptions of jeans funny. 6) I do not know of this book. 7) Lantana is a funny name and i super adore that aqua flower pot. 8) Excellent purchase! I’m certain you will find a use for it. At $20, how could you pass that up?

    9) Happy Fridee! much love funny friend 🙂

  3. Katie

    So I guess I should start shopping so I don’t look like a ragamuffin next to you! Ragamuffins or not, this trip will be amazing!

  4. Kristen

    OK those pom poms are too cute. I would have done the same thing. i mean I totally Oops-ed and bought a bed last weekend without even knowing if it was a queen or full. Totes love TJ’s for their flowers. They keep my house so happy all of spring and summer.