For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Happenings

There is really no question that this has been a pretty great summer for me.  With an exciting trip, spending lots of time with friends, and making an effort to do some new things, along with some other happy occurrences, I am really not sure it could have been much better.  But with the unseasonal

For the Love of Friday- Art from Europe

Last week when I posted about gallery walls, a few of you asked if Colleen and I would show the art pieces that we got in Europe.  Of course we will!  For whatever reason, I had a hell of a time trying to find art in England and Ireland that was reasonable and not prints.

Paris Bound

Corey and I are in Boston on a ridiculously long (and self inflicted) layover before our flight overseas.  I managed to work out a way to fly business class with my British Airways frequent flyer miles for our long flight from Boston to Dublin on Aer Lingus, but that also means we have 50 flights

For the Love of Friday- Sporadic

Am I the only one who can’t use the word sporadically without thinking of the movie Clueless?  As Colleen mentioned yesterday, this weekend I will be leaving for my trip to England and Ireland.  I am super duper ridiculously over the moon excited but at this point still have a to do list round about

For the Love of Friday- Blessed

This weekend, Colleen and I are heading down to the beach for a time of fun and relaxation.  Actually, if you want to get technical, I am already here.  And as I sit here drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the salty air and fragrance of gardenias nearby, I am counting my blessings.  I am


Last week I pretty much felt like I won the lottery when I realized that these little stick things in our backyard had transformed into lush peony bushes.  I had never even seen a peony in real life – they were like this unicorn flower that only people that live in California seemed to have.