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Bedroom Updates

Remember when I said I was going to buy a headboard about a year ago? And then talked about it again a couple of months ago? Well it’s a Christmas miracle because I finally did it and obviously bought a completely different headboard than I said I was going to. Then the exact same day I happened to find a really good rug in World Market for sale and I couldn’t say no. So approximately one year later, we are making some definite progress on the bedroom. Now all I need to do is figure out the nightstand situation, decide on wall art, and buy fabric for my mom to reupholster some chairs.


ONE – I’ve been going back and forth about large scale art over the headboard vs. round gold mirror but I’m leaning towards gold mirror even though I already have 200 of them. They just make my heart happy.

TWO – After one year, two posts, and hours upon hours of online searching, I finally decided to go with a simple upholstered headboard with nail button trim. Maybe one day I will buy the one I desperately want from Serena and Lily, but I just can’t fathom spending that kind of cash right now. This one is very reasonable, even more so when I bought it at 20% off, and it gets great reviews.

THREE – This is the classic bedding I purchased last year from Restoration Hardware. It is about a million degrees right now so we have been using a light blanket instead, but I will break it back out when it gets to be fall (FALL IS COMING)!

FOUR – A pretty pillow for cheap from World Market. Real cheap.

FIVE – I really didn’t have any intentions of buying a rug for under the bed. Our bedroom is carpet and we already have a rug in the little sitting around on the right side of the room so it wasn’t necessary. But I fell in love with how this one is a little bit tribal while still being neutral. The website says that it is black but in person it looks a bit navy, which is perfect since I have mostly navy, blue, and black in the room.

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  1. Stephanie

    I like your choices! Very pretty!