Colleen’s house

Black or Gray Accent Door

So I don’t know if you guys remember this, but we got a kitten last winter.  He is now becoming more cat and less kitten and although we love him dearly, he is a bit of a menace.  Seventy five percent of the time (or thereabouts) he is sweet and adorable, cuddling on the edge

Wall of Mirrors

So I’m finally taking the professional engineering exam next week, which I’ve spent probably close to 100 hours in the past several months studying for.  I would be nervous if I wasn’t so sick of studying.  I’m kind of at that point where I’m just ready to get the thing over with.  I’m also ready

Quick Copper Vase DIY

Here I am again, telling you something was a DIY when in fact it is really just reusing an attractive beer bottle as a vase.  I realize I am sneaky.  Corey finished off his alcoholic beverage and I thought well wouldn’t that look lovely with a little bit of copper contact paper on it.  So

Grosgrain Roman Shades {DIY}

Let me start off this post by saying I had little to nothing to do with this DIY.  My lovely genius mother sewed and constructed these roman shades and made my windows look like angels.  I wasn’t even smart enough to take pictures of each of the steps, so all I can show you is

Gold Bart Cart DIY

Today I’ve got another gem for you from my lovely husband.  He just keeps bringing it with these DIYs.  What am I doing?  Eating donuts.  I will continue to shamelessly profit from his hard work.   Hello again, it’s me, Colleen’s husband. I was picking out a fantastic outfit (Editor’s Note – Likely a shirt

Office Gallery Wall

I don’t know what it is about this week, but I am having a heck of a time getting motivated to do anything.  I just want to sit around and watch Orange is the New Black all day long.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get my act together – be super efficient, get the work done, and