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Free Botanical Prints

Oh Monday.  You are back again.  All I really want to do is stay home and begin Christmas decorating whilst making hot chocolate from one of the 50 hot chocolate packages that we picked up this weekend (along with eggnog).  My holiday beverage situation is in check.  However, I am holding off on decorating until Thanksgiving week so Corey doesn’t give me the side eye.  I did finally get sick of our lack of art in the kitchen so I added some in the form of these FREE botanical prints from Vintage Printable and hung them up with some $7 ikea frames.  I just printed out the images on regular old computer paper on a regular old printer.  Not too bad for $14 am I right?



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  1. Stephanie

    I like them! It’s puts more color in there.

  2. Taylor

    Oh yeah, I dig!

  3. Megan

    I didn’t even see this yesterday! Looks awesome!! I want some.