Colleen + Corey Wedding

Colleen + Corey – Wedding Ceremony

From the beginning of the wedding planning process, I knew that I wanted our ceremony to be intimate, personal, and feel like us. We wanted to incorporate religion, as Corey’s family is very religious, but also desired for the ceremony to be first and foremost about our love for each other. We actually had two

Fancying up your wedding invitations {DIY}

When I first received our invitations from the Aerialist Press, I really loved them.  However, I felt that they needed a little something extra.  We decided to make use of some of our craft supplies (and my computer) to fancy them up.  In this post I will show you how we did it. DIY Faux

Engagement Pictures

Image by Abigail Seymour Photography And why you should take them.  If you are engaged (obvs).  Our engagement picture shoot was one of the most enjoyable things we did before the wedding.  They may seem kind of frivolous, but I find engagement shoots to be important for several reasons: 1)  When else in your life are you

Colleen + Corey – First Look (Part Two)

In the last wedding recap post, I talked about our first look and how it was really special and magical for Corey and I to be able to spend some time alone before the madness of the day took over.  This is really just a continuation of that post to show you some more of

Colleen + Corey – First Look

So, last we left off I had just gotten in my wedding dress (!) and was preparing to meet Corey for our first look.  A first look is when you see each other before the ceremony in order to have more time for pictures, and also to be able to spend some time with each

Colleen + Corey – Getting Ready (Part Two)

Once we finished with makeup and hair, we drove over to the venue, Whitehead Manor.  Let me tell you that by this point, everything was a complete blur and I was so glad I had been organized beforehand.  I had made a detailed schedule for all bridal party members, helpers, and vendors.  Thank the lord,