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Colleen + Corey – First Look

So, last we left off I had just gotten in my wedding dress (!) and was preparing to meet Corey for our first look.  A first look is when you see each other before the ceremony in order to have more time for pictures, and also to be able to spend some time with each other before the craziness of the day takes over.  Early in the planning process, I realized that we would only have 30 minutes in between the ceremony and the reception for picture taking.  That seemed like barely enough time to take formal family pictures, let alone get some great shots of just Corey and I.  So I brought up the idea of the first look and he didn’t seem super excited about it.  Apparently that is the case with most grooms, who often tend to be somewhat traditional (from what I’ve read anyway.)  On the millions of wedding blogs that I looked at, everyone who had done a first look said it was their favorite part of the day.  Finally, one day I saw this video and I cried.  Yup, I’ll admit it.  It may or may not have had something to do with the awesome Bloc Party song.  But regardless, I showed the video to Corey and said we have GOT to do a first look.  And he agreed.  Or just pretended to agree to shut me up.  I’ll take it either way.

While Corey was waiting in the other house, Abigail and I took the opportunity to get in some quick bridal portraits, since I opted not to have a separate session.  Note to future brides: please take some time to get some shots of just you and your dress.  I was not planning on doing this and am so glad that I did.  These pictures are priceless to me.  All pictures in this post were taken by our fantastic photographer Abigail Seymour or fabulous back up shooter Traci J Arney.

 After the bridals, Abigail and the videographer Ben Whitney went looking for the perfect place to have the first look and decided on a field behind the house.  Abigail took Corey to the field to wait, and I was to sneak up behind him.  Well not really sneak up because once we got to the field I was instructed not to move so I wouldn’t ruin my dress.  These pictures of Corey waiting are some of my favorites.

 Next, Abigail told Corey to turn around and we saw each other for the first time.  I love the look on his face.  Yeesh I am tearing up just writing this.

Our first look was absolutely my favorite part of the wedding day.  It was so special and really magical to be able to spend some time to ourselves before the ceremony.  I was kind of surprised because I didn’t cry at all.  I was just really excited.  If you are pondering doing a first look on your wedding day, I would absolutely recommend it.  There are so many gorgeous pictures from the first look that I couldn’t fit them all in one post.  Next time, I will show you the rest, which mainly consist of Corey and I kissing.  So just be ready for that.

Lots of love,

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  1. Steven

    I agree Colleen. Of the 1000 or so pics that I’ve seen, the First Look photos stand alone in my mind. I’d imagine that nothing could duplicate that moment when you first saw each other on that day. And if/when I find a word that can describe how amazing you look, I’ll let you know… too C-Cat!

  2. Sianneth

    Mmm… ok, it’s official. Colleen, you are too gorgeous for your own good and it’s not fair to the rest of us. The end. 🙂

  3. Dad

    These are some of the best. I think
    I will get one or two enlarged.

  4. Taylor

    Colleen, you are just so beautiful! These pictures made me cry in my cubical. That was, without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to. All your pictures have been so amazing and special. These were just so great. So sweet.

  5. Colleen

    Thanks guys!! You are too sweet! Sianneth you have to keep in mind that I had professional makeup artists creating my beauties. DEF not that beauty on a daily basis! You are so sweet Taylor, thank you! Thank so much Weeves!!

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