Colleen + Corey Wedding

A New Identity

Image by Abigail Seymour Photography I have to tell you that on my wedding day, I wasn’t sure if I was going to change my last name.  I indicated to everyone that I would (note the hanger from which my gown hung), but I still had an inkling of doubt.  You see, I’ve always been

Sparkle Ribbon Sign {DIY}

One of my favorite wedding DIYs was our sparkle signs that hung in the dessert table gazebo and on the back of our chairs.  It was super easy and made a pretty big impact.  These signs are great because you can make them for everything and anything.  Megan also made one last year for our

Wooden Table Numbers {DIY}

While looking for wedding decor inspiration, Meg and I were particularly drawn to the idea of table numbers.  We didn’t really even need them because there wasn’t assigned seating.  But they were just so darn cute, we decided to make some anyway.  As was the case with all crafted wedding items, we tried to make

Colleen + Corey – Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing *Update*

After the ceremony, the guests shuffled into the house for cocktail hour (in which there were no cocktails, unless pumpkin beer qualifies).  Corey and I took family formals in the ceremony area and then went upstairs to wait for everyone to move to the reception area.  I took this opportunity to stuff my face with

Colleen + Corey – Dessert Table

The dessert table at our wedding was very close to my heart for several reasons.  For one, it had delicious desserts, and if you know me by now, you know that I love desserts.  Second, it contained some of my most favorite details. As I mentioned before, Meg and I made apple pie pops and

Colleen + Corey – Wedding Details

I don’t think it is any secret that Megan and I spent an exorbitant amount of time on wedding preparations.  We have always been very detail oriented, so we spent a huge bulk of time on the wedding details.  We started gathering inspiration and crafting a year and a half before the wedding.  Turns out,