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Colleen + Corey – First Look (Part Two)

In the last wedding recap post, I talked about our first look and how it was really special and magical for Corey and I to be able to spend some time alone before the madness of the day took over.  This is really just a continuation of that post to show you some more of my favorite pictures.  During our first look, Corey and I were instructed to be super lovey and kissey (obvs dude, we were getting married).  So I wanted to warn everyone that some may consider this to be mushy.  Especially since my parent’s immediate response upon seeing our engagement pictures (which were also super lovey) was, “Why were you guys kissing so much??”  I’m so excited to show these to you guys because they are my absolute favorite pictures of the day.  As usual, all photography by our ridiculousy talented photographer Abigail Seymour or amazing backup photographer Traci J Arney.

Oh how I just love these pictures.  Le sigh.  Next time, I will you show you some of the formals with our gorgeous bridal party.

Lots of love,

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  1. Stephanie G

    I can’t wait for the video to get your wedding picture at the from door. It will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Steven

    Wedding Wednesday ya’ll. Holla!

  3. Beth B

    Love that you guys did that First Look (a new one on me) AND that you’re sharing on the blog. Gorgeous pics, Colleen, and seriously love love love this blog you two are doing!

  4. Taylor

    I don’t think the pics are too mushy at ALL! Beautiful as usual and I think the pics of you guys are super sweet and loving.

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