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Colleen + Corey – Dessert Table

The dessert table at our wedding was very close to my heart for several reasons.  For one, it had delicious desserts, and if you know me by now, you know that I love desserts.  Second, it contained some of my most favorite details. As I mentioned before, Meg and I made apple pie pops and strawberry and cinnamon macarons the weekend before the wedding.  Corey and I also stopped by Kilwins the day before the wedding to pick up chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered oreos.  We put all of the desserts on two large white Crate and Barrel platters that I received at my wedding shower along with a beautiful dessert plate and 3 tier stand already owned by Meg.  We also placed Hershey Kisses in a green glass hurricane that Megan found at a flea market for next to nothing.  My mom sewed a beautiful table runner from a great rustic fabric we found at Mary Joes, and Megan and I made little signs for each dessert (including our wedding cake) and placed them in these adorable bubble placeholders from BHLDN.  Meg and I also made the lovely sparkle Colleen and Corey signs months ahead of time.  Instead of paying for additional flowers from our florist, we left two empty mason jars on our dessert table (as well as on the groom’s cake table) for the bridesmaids to place their bouquets in after the ceremony.  We had these cute little pink “to go” bags that we were going to put out (complete with “sweets to go” sign), but it was so windy that day that they just kept blowing away.  However, my mom was still able to make use of them, and she kindly placed macarons and pie pops into them to give to guests as they were leaving.

Our cake made by Gail from Cheesecake Etc. was a four layer cake frosted with buttercream.  It contained two layers of almond and one layer of spice.  Oh how I miss thee.  The top layer was half almond and half spice, made especially for Corey and I to enjoy on our one year anniversary.  Yah, we went ahead and ate it the night we got back from our honeymoon.  The green frosting was risky and could have looked awful (I knew I was really taking a chance), but it turned out so beautiful.  Mrs. Geohagan placed the flowers from Sweet Earth Flower Farm on the cake and you would have thought it was done by a professional.  As a side note, I actually didn’t know that she did it until after the wedding.  As it turns out, Gail wasn’t able to find the flowers in our chaos of decorations on the wedding day and the cake was naked.  So in a bit of a panic, Megan and my mom brought Mrs. G to save the day.  She placed all the flowers on it about 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start.  That cake was truly delicious.  People kept telling me that I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything at the wedding, but you better believe I was going to have some of my wedding cake.  I mean really, I live for cake.  Finally, possibly my favorite detail of the wedding was our little cake topper.  In the midst of planning, I was very anti cake topper.  It seemed so lame and old fashioned to me at the time.  Corey was pro cake topper, and I told him if he bought it, we could have one.  We wanted something cute that would show our personalities, but I still wanted it to be somewhat sophisticated.  It was going on the most expensive cake I will ever buy.  Finally, I found these adorable toppers on etsy.  She was able to customize them to look just like us, with my red hair and dress details and Corey’s grey suit.  Most importantly, she made our miniature topper cat look just like our Pica.







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  1. C-Cat


  2. Taylor

    MMMM… i could really go for some apple pie pops or chocolate pretzels today.

  3. Steven

    Lovely ladies, but without a doubt the Pica topper ‘takes the cake’ (pardon the pun).

  4. Marilyn

    The exquisite details in your dessert gazebo are unique and festive. I am so glad to be able to enjoy them in your pictures.

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