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Wooden Table Numbers {DIY}

While looking for wedding decor inspiration, Meg and I were particularly drawn to the idea of table numbers.  We didn’t really even need them because there wasn’t assigned seating.  But they were just so darn cute, we decided to make some anyway.  As was the case with all crafted wedding items, we tried to make sure that they would be easy and not too time consuming.  Of course, inevitably, anything that you make for 20 something tables will take forever.  Doesn’t matter how easy it is.  We played with the idea of using card stock, paper, or frames, but finally decided that we wanted something a little more substantial.  When we found some really cute wooden numbers at Hobby Lobby, we decided we had hit the jackpot.  Ergo, our wooden wedding table numbers. These are actually really simple and don’t require many supplies.

 Image by Abigail Seymour Photography

What you’ll need:

– Wooden numbers from Hobby Lobby.  Ahead of time we just estimated that there would be 20 tables so we bought the necessary letters for that number.  Be sure to write out all the numbers you will need before purchasing (1, 2, 3, …, 18, 19, 20).  Do this carefully.  I of course counted wrong and we had to go back to get some more 1’s.

– Wooden stands for # of table numbers.  We needed 20 stands.  Make sure your widest table number (ours was 20) will fit across the stand.  We actually had to turn our stands upside down from how they were intended in order to make the numbers fit.

– Spray paint in color of your choice.  As usual, we chose silver.  Have we become predictable???

– 19mm x 12 mm (3/4″ x 1/2″) corner braces from Lowe’s.  They come in a little plastic bag.  Count how many braces you need based on how many individual numbers you have (NOT the number of table numbers).  The brand we used was Stanley and actually came with little screws.  Unfortunately, the screws were too long for our purposes, so you will also need…

– 6 x 3/8 flat phillips screws (ours were brass).  Make sure that they have pointy ends so you will be able to screw them in with a screwdriver.  You will need 2 screws for each brace.

– Phillips head screw driver

– Monkey glue (might be necessary)

What you’ll do:

1) Place a brace against the back of one of the numbers, lined up with the bottom edge.  Screw the brace into the number.  Keep an eye on the front of the number because you don’t want the screw to come all the way through the number and be visible.  If the brace isn’t sturdy, put some monkey glue on the inside of the brace and hold to the number.  Not too much. Again you don’t want it visible in the front.

2) Turn over the wooden stand.  Place the number on top of the stand and line up so it is in the center (both from the front and side views).  If it is a double digit number (i.e., 17), make sure to leave space for both numbers.  Screw the brace (or braces if there are 2 numbers) into the stand.

3) Spray paint your numbers.  Be sure to spray light coats so there isn’t any drippage, and spray all sides evenly, unlike how is shown in the picture below.  Spray painting is not my strong suit.

And you’re done!  Only 19 numbers to go!  Here they are in all of their bridal beauty…

Wedding Images by Abigail Seymour Photography






  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Oh my goodness!!! Genius! I love this idea and super easy and inexpensive! Love!!! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous, Colleen! xo

  2. Blair

    Where were you guys when I was getting married?!?!

  3. Colleen

    Thank you so much Lindsey!! We are so excited to see you tomorrow (and to see all the beauty you have planned)! Blair, I’ve heard that your wedding was stunning! If you ever decide to do a vow renewal, you know who to call :).

  4. Cate

    Hi Colleen, I absolutely love this idea for table numbers and would love to recreate for my wedding. Do you have a link to the numbers and bases that you used? Beautiful Wedding! Thank you!!

  5. Megan

    Hi Cate. Colleen must not have seen this yet. We don’t have a link. So sorry! We bought them at Hobby Lobby and I want to say they were $2 and $3 per piece. Colleen may be willing to sell these if you wanted to buy them from her. I will shoot you an email if she does.

  6. Tessa

    Great tutorial! These are beautiful! I’m going to try to make these for my wedding, however I noticed that your flat head phillips screw size says 6 x 3/8″… is that correct? The 6 seems big if that’s in inches? lol I just wanted to make sure so I don’t buy wrong sized screws! 🙂

    • Colleen

      Hey Tessa! Thanks so much! To be honest, I am not sure! I am out of the country on vacation but will be more than happy to let you know when I get back. I actually still have my old ones if you wanted to purchase them as well? Thanks!

  7. Denise B

    Hi Colleen,
    These are great! Do you still have them to sell?

  8. Lindsey Timmermann

    I have been searching everywhere for these! Please let me know if you would be willing to sell 🙂

  9. Colleen

    Hey Denise and Lindsey! They are still for sale! If either of you are still interested, send an email to me at and we can discuss more. Thanks!

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