Gimme S’mores

Excuse my dorky post title.  I couldn’t help myself.  Have you guys seen any of the promotional photos of the PoppyTalk for Target line that is coming out on June 22nd?  I have read that it is geared towards “glamping.”  I am not sure about that but camping has never really been my scene.  A

Beach Trip Dreaming

Okay y’all.  Is it just me or is everyone in the world going on vacation right now?  Colleen is getting ready for go to California for 10 days and it seems like everyone else is going somewhere fantastic right now as well.  It is always just about this time of year that I start seriously

Pawleys Island

When I first started researching beach options (obviously I was not at work, who would think such a thing), I decided I wanted us to go somewhere with a little bit of charm.  Pawleys Island seemed to have it in spades, and funnily enough was actually our beach of choice when I was still a little

For the Love of Friday- Beach Bound

As Colleen informed you yesterday, this morning we will be heading down for a weekend at the beach.  Poor Colleen hasn’t been yet this year and has been feeling very sad for herself about her situation.  I, being the wonderful sister that I am,  volunteered my services and agreed to accompany her.  I am always

Beach Ready

So I wasn’t really planning on taking a beach trip this summer.  I was trying to be a good girl and save up all of my PTO for our big France trip next year.  Then I realized that everyone in the world was at the beach but me and started feel a little bit sorry

Happy Memorial Day!

Our wishes for you all (and ourselves) on Memorial Day include… Pretty decoration enjoying. Cookie eating. Refreshing beverage or cocktail drinking. Sunbathing. Image credits  1  2  3  4 What we will be doing in the world of reality is paperwork.  Yuck.  Knowing us, we’ll probably sneak some cookie eating in as well.  Hope you guys