Pawleys Island

When I first started researching beach options (obviously I was not at work, who would think such a thing), I decided I wanted us to go somewhere with a little bit of charm.  Pawleys Island seemed to have it in spades, and funnily enough was actually our beach of choice when I was still a little girl with a red fro, which I didn’t find out until Megan told me on our drive down.  This weekend was the purest form of relaxation.  We weren’t in a hurry for anything, and consumed more food and sun than our bodies could handle.  Happily, we ran into a Charleston-style community just down the beach, which I consider to be fate.  The world knows I am most content when there is a bit of Charleston around.  I won’t mention the fact that I got a speeding ticket on the way back.  I’ll just leave that out.





  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ahhh Colleen, you are so good with that camera… look at how crisp those pics are! Beautiful… I love PI too! 🙂 Gorgeous spot… and whoever wrote “Two Delighted” in the same has perfect handwriting! Glad you girlies had a great time… Megs, look’n good hotstuff! xo

  2. Taylor

    Beautiful pictures Colleen!! I love the floppy hats yall both wore. The Two Delighted in the sand is so cute. Looks like a fabulous time.

  3. Lindsay

    you look so cuuuuuuuuuute in your floppy hats!!!

  4. Colleen

    Thanks friends!

  5. christina

    LOVE the floppy hat. You look adorable, and as always, I LOOOOVE your photography! Yay for successful beach weekends!

  6. alexa

    Ah so fun! Love your sand-writing!