Beach Ready

So I wasn’t really planning on taking a beach trip this summer.  I was trying to be a good girl and save up all of my PTO for our big France trip next year.  Then I realized that everyone in the world was at the beach but me and started feel a little bit sorry for myself.  Everyone else was drinking mojitos and lounging poolside while I was staring at spreadsheets and writing reports.  I may have gotten a little dramatic.  I decided to quit sulking and remedy the problem with a quick trip, dragging Megan along of course.  A quick trip never hurt anyone.  I guess subconsciously I must have known this would happen because it seems that I have unknowingly been making little beach purchases throughout the summer.  A floppy hat, some new Anthro sunnies, and a J Crew suit and I am good to go.  Corey even bought me a new book to read.  Now if only I had that cover-up.


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  1. Megan

    Covet. I covet it all. I need a new hat. Mine is too big for my dang head. Super cute Bean. Makes me excited.

  2. Kat Dawg

    I guess Pica and I will just hang out by ourselves

  3. Elyse

    I’ve had that new Stephen King book on my wishlist forever! I’m incredibly jealous. I also love that bathing suit.

  4. Stephanie G

    Have a GREAT weekend!!