For the Love of Friday- Beach Bound

As Colleen informed you yesterday, this morning we will be heading down for a weekend at the beach.  Poor Colleen hasn’t been yet this year and has been feeling very sad for herself about her situation.  I, being the wonderful sister that I am,  volunteered my services and agreed to accompany her.  I am always making the big sacrifices.  We will think of you all while we are lounging, eating, coffee drinking, eating, reading, eating, floppy hat wearing, eating, toe dipping, eating, picture taking, and most importantly eating.  We surely will not be going swimming in any kind of oceans.  Sharks live there and they eat people and that is dumb.  So none of you worry your pretty little heads about that.

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 If any of you would like us to bring you back a hermit crab, please sign up below.  Although those things are so gross and monstery, I seriously don’t know why you would want one.  But all the same, we love you so we would make it happen.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

  1. Colleen

    Get ready beach, cuz here we come!

  2. Lindsay

    Have fun you guys!!!

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ahhh have SO MUCH FUN ladies!!! I’m jealous… HAVE A BLAST YOU TWO and YES I would like a little Hermmie Crab! 🙂 Beautiful post!

  4. Taylor

    Just remember to stay out of the pool too. Sharks live in the deep end and come out of the drains. Haha 🙂 Hope you two have a lovely time. Eat lots of seafood so I can be very jealous.

  5. Nicola

    You girls have a blast and soak up some sun for me!!! I am so jealous, especially with all the pictures you posted!!!

  6. Dad

    Don’t forget about Murrel’s Inlet for seafood.