Pretty Potted Plants

Although I’ve appreciated the many days we’ve spent hibernating in front of Netflix marathons, I think I’m officially ready for spring.  We had a couple of 70 degree days over the past week and I’ve since been itching to start beautifying the outside of our home.  Since I’m a horticulture newbie, last spring was spent desperately trying to just not ruin anything that the previous homeowners planted, including several rose and peony bushes.  I crossed my fingers and toes that I wouldn’t kill them.  With one (relatively) successful plant season under my belt, I’m now feeling (relatively) confident enough to actually grow some new things.  Starting with some pretty potted plants for our front steps.  I’m thinking a nice mixture of greenery and flowers, but it needs to be low maintenance and idiot proof.  Any ideas?  I know you guys are much better at this than I am.


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  1. Stephanie

    Go to Pikes nursery and have someone help you put some plants together that will work for you and low maintance.

  2. Kat Faux

    Just remember that we already tried those tree bush plant things and they were dead in about a week.

  3. Lindsay

    I have always had good look with azaleas in my pots and boston ferns in my hanging baskets.