Cat Friendly Plants

If you happen to be both a cat lover and a plant lover, you have probably already figured out that the majority of plants are actually toxic to cats.  Big bummer.  I will just have to pass on all of those gorgeous fiddle leaf figs that everyone keeps talking about (although let’s face facts I would probably kill it anyway).   So for years I’ve decided to stay away from indoor plants, both due to their poisonous tendencies and because obviously I’m lazy.  After doing a thorough investigation of my house pinterest page, I realized how much of a difference plants make in a room.  Well I did some research on whether there are any attractive plants that are not pure poison for our baby kitties.  And there are!  I’ve already picked up a fern and a little echeveria, and the extra bit of green has really been making me happy.  Here are some other beauties that won’t harm your cats.


Maidenhair fern – This is a gorgeous plant but apparently really difficult to take care of.  Emily Henderson swears by them (but also has to replace them several times a year).

Jasmine – I have got to get a little pot of jasmine growing.  How delightful would that be?  Smelling up my house with good smells and being all viney?

Blue Echeveria – The cutest little succulent.  I picked one up from Home Depot for like $7.

Peppermint – I have wanted to make a mini herb garden for forever, and I think peppermint is a good place to start.  Maybe in a lovely pot on my kitchen window sill.  Unfortunately, not all herbs are cat friendly, so be careful about that.

Rabbit Foot Fern – Apparently most ferns are ok for cats, but not all?  I picked up an “exotic” fern from Home Depot, but I’m not sure of its exact species.

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  1. Katie

    Thank you thank you!!!! I’ve been wanting an indoor plant so bad, but have been too lazy to research what I can have in my house!

  2. Taylor

    I love lil baby succulents!! Presh.

  3. Jean Wilks

    Happy Birthday and many more!!!

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