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Pink For Girls Guest Room

So, I came to the realization this weekend that I have never showed y’all one of my very favorite rooms in my house.  After all this time.  That’s just silly, really.  It may be because I stole the lamps on the bedside tables out of it about a year ago and put them in my room so it has been feeling a little bare since then.  But I finally found some inexpensive lamps from Target that I like to replace them.  So the time has come to share “Pink for girls.”  That is the name I use to refer to my guest bedroom.  I am really not sure why other than the fact that it has pink in it and I am weird.  One of the first purchases I made for my house when I moved in to it were two light pink bedside tables that I found at a flea market.  It was definitely more of an emotional purchase than a practical one.  But here it is 5 years later and I have to say, I am still quite smitten with them.  From there I decided to paint the walls a cream that felt pink but wasn’t really pink.  The color I ended up with is called Pink Damask by Benjamin Moore.  It is a tiny little room so a bed fits but not much else and the light and warm color really made it feel bigger and nice and airy.

pink for girls bed 2 | Two Delighted

pink for girls prints | Two Delighted

 The monuments prints were purchased from Alaina from Live Creating Yourself and more recently The Everygirl.  She no longer seems to be selling them but I loved how graphic they are.

pink for girls dresser | Two Delighted

This old cheapy dresser from my college dorm room looked much nicer after I painted it white and painted its wooden handles black for some contrast.

pink for girls table | Two Delighted

There are my little pink tables.  Aren’t they cute?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Stephanie

    It really looks good!

  2. Taylor

    I love pink for girls! 🙂