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There are lots of people that are really good at organizing things and throwing things away that they don’t need.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.  I think I have mentioned previously that I am a touch of a hoarder.  But I prefer to think of myself as a keeper of things.  I don’t want to alarm anyone.  I don’t have any really crazy stuff.  But I do have things like ugly clothes from high school, art and home decor items I don’t care for anymore, old cat litter boxes, and lots of lots of shopping bags and boxes from Amazon.  Okay maybe I do have some crazy stuff.   I read this article once that said you should consider every item you own as something that you carry with you at all times.  On your back.  Or something.  Well obviously I don’t really remember exactly what the article said but when I thought about all of the crap that lives at my house, I started to feel pretty overwhelmed.  And recently I have started to feel like I may just be drowning in a sea of my own junk.  This winter and spring, during moments when I am less busy, I think I am going to make an effort to start getting rid of all of the things that I haven’t touched for years.  Specific areas to target include my closet (eep!), the freezer with its frost bit bags of old green beans, and ALL storage closets and junk drawers.  This is happening people.  I need to improve my posture by getting all this crap off of my back.    Then I can make space in my life to receive new and lovely things.


Like gold vases and pink hardcover books.

organized 2

Tiny dogs that may or may not be statues.

organized 3

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And when I get off my spending freeze, I should probably buy some more baskets too.  Baskets are good news.

Do you all have any slight hoarding issues as well?  Any tips for me to help organize my life?



  1. Kristen

    Sometimes it just feels so good to purge and start fresh. I tend to do this every time I move. This time I’m all about pretty storage solutions. Out with all the ugly.

  2. Kel

    Your getting a dog?

    • Megan

      Hahaha. No way Jose. That’s the last thing I need right now. I just liked that pictures cause I thought it looked organized and then thought that dog was cute but looked strangely like a statue. Don’t worry Kel. 🙂

  3. April of A. Liz Adventures

    YES! In fact, my post today is on the same topic! I have several types of items that are just really hard for me to part with. Way too many clothes for our small closets. Books I care nothing about. Magazines, OH the magazines!

  4. rox

    I wouldn’t call myself a total hoarder, but I know there are areas in my house that need help. I like your idea of targeting areas of your house…kinda of narrows down your to do list a bit more (and makes it seem realistic). you’ve somewhat inspired me to do some purging of my own!