Adding Warmth to a Room

I don’t think it is any secret that I love neutrals, particularly cold neutrals.  Grey, navy, white, and more grey.  So a while back when my girl Emily Henderson told me that every room needs to be balanced with some warmth, I was like well crap.  What do I do with my grey, blue, and white furniture that I just bought.  Luckily I figured out that just a little bit of warmth goes a long way, and here are some of my favorite ways to add it.


Image credit Have I used this picture in a post recently?  I feel like I have.

So I used to hate wood furniture.  I wanted to paint everything because I thought wood was old and ugly looking.  Obviously I was being stupid, because a nice piece of wood furniture can really warm up a room.  I love finding used antique pieces so it doesn’t look like I just bought my whole room from Target (although you know I love me some Target.)


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Obviously I’m obsessed with gold.  Every room needs a little glamour.  A little goes a long way here.  Notice how just a couple of small pieces lighten up the whole room.


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I typically am more drawn to neutral rugs because they are kind of a large purchase and get scared that I will get sick of a super colorful one but a vibrant rug in a neutral room is maybe one of my favorite things.


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This is absolutely the easiest and cheapest way to bring in some color.  It’s amazing what some art or pretty books can add.  Even if you don’t have a bookcase, grab some colorful books and stack them under some candles or even lamp.  Instant gratification.



It’s a snow (actually ice) day here in Charlotte so I hope everyone stays safe out there!!

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  1. Jenn

    I feel like I made the same mistakes a few years ago! When it came time to purchase our den rug, I went very neutral so that it could blend with whatever color scheme I was craving at the moment. But now I’m wishing I had a much bolder or colorful rug so that everything didn’t look so cream and brown. I’m almost ready for someone to have an accident on my rug so that I can have a real excuse to replace it, haha. Jenn at East Meets South Blog

  2. Blair Scheepers

    Books in order by colour gets me every time…

  3. Stephanie

    I like! You have kept some wood. Your house is beautiful!