Just some lamps

You guys talked me into it – I am definitely going to paint the pantry door black this weekend.  It didn’t hurt that Meg had an extra can of black laying around to give me because free is always the right price.  I am antsy to work on our bedroom some more as well but after so many trips this year, I need to start doing a little more saving and quite a bit less spending, and what we really need is new furniture and art.  I’ll just keep picking up pieces one at a time and hopefully I’ll finish it by summer.  I did stop into Target this weekend and pick up a sweet little navy lamp (see 5 below) for the top of a to be determined dresser for pretty cheap.  Target is always bringing it.  Here are some other winners that are all less than $100.  I’m particularly smitten with number five.  That copper is so pretty.


One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five

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  1. Taylor

    Free is always the right price. Can’t wait to see your fancy pants pantry 🙂 All of those lamps are just to die for… But i’m with ya on the copper one. Super pretty. And I’m a big supporter of any navy sitch.