A Touch of Pink

I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards last night and started to notice a theme.  Even though I don’t typically decorate (or wear) all that much pink, I kept finding little bits of pink in some of my favorite images.  A little hint of color in an otherwise neutral room seems to really help bring some interest and contrast.  Add in some weird art or simple stripes and you’ve really got my attention.  Do you guys ever add little bits of pink?  Or go full on with pink furniture?


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  1. Katie

    My pink chaise lounge! Look at me being trendy!

  2. Erin@IndigoHouse

    It took me years to get over the pepto-pink bedroom my mother thought I loved but as I grew up I realized that the right pink is so energizing and flattering on just about everyone. I even have soft-pink lightbulbs in some of my lamps. They don’t read as pink, but cast the softest most flattering glow.

  3. Stephanie

    I have different shades in places around the house. Love it.