Colleen’s house

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I have been putting off even thinking about our bedroom for a while because a) it is a huge room and was daunting and 2) it is a huge room and I didn’t want to have to paint it.  The whole thing seemed real bad.  So obviously the intelligent thing to do was decide to

Black Guest Bedroom

Three months later and I’m finally showing you guys the black guest bedroom.  I think almost all of the items are the same as I showed in the mockup, and I am really quite happy with how it turned out (even if my pictures did turn out grainy – I need a tripod stat.)  I

Black Lacquered Bookcase

I did it!  I rid our living room corner of ugly cords!  After my last post about finding a way to hide the stereo and internet wires in the corner, I started stalking Craigslist for the perfect bookcase made of real wood and fancy mouldings.  And I found it, but the person never got back

Campaign Inspired Media Center

I mentioned several weeks ago that Corey randomly came home with a used media center from Goodwill.  Well we finally finished updating that sucker and I cannot believe how much of an improvement it makes on my TV watching situation.  I spend half the time just thinking to myself “Self, that is good lookin.”  Initially

Calligraphy Prints

As you might have noticed, Megan has become quite the calligrapher recently.  For years, we have frequently discussed how stupid it was that she didn’t know calligraphy since it seemed like something she would be good at and we keep having uses for it.  I was (selfishly) excited for her to finally learn because a)

Decorating around the TV

I came home on Friday to a lovely used media console that Corey found at our favorite Goodwill sitting on the porch.  Our current console is falling apart, so it was a nice surprise.  We are in the midst of painting and changing out hardware and I will hopefully be able to share it with