Colleen’s house

Another gallery wall

I blogged a really long time ago about what I was planning to do in my little office nook of our living room/library and then went ahead and didn’t do anything other than hang a mirror on the wall.  Then Megan got Corey this really cool corkboard map of the world as a Christmas present

Pink and White Wooden Tray {DIY}

Ah trays.  They make everything look better, don’t they?  If you put all that crap on your bathroom sink in a tray, your sink instantly looks like you actually clean it.  Same for all the crap that you throw everywhere in the entryway.  Put it in a tray and it actually looks like you organized

De-Uglifying the Living Room Corner

Ah media.  We love having the internets and cable tv and music at our disposal.  But why do all of the cords and boxes and gadgets have to be so ugly?  I’m pretty sure de-uglifying isn’t a word but it was the only term I could use in this case.  We have a corner of our

A Nook for Reading

For some reason I keep refusing to take pictures of the black paint to show you guys.  Maybe it’s because I want to wait until the bedding and art comes and things are a little further along.  Oh well.  In other news, our bedroom is a blank canvas, and is really kind of sad right

Guest Bedroom Mockup

So I was going to take a picture of the black paint in the bedroom.  I really was.  But I was a little preoccupied by another project that will either be awesome or fail miserably.  Only time will tell.  Instead of showing you the black paint and scattered chaos of furniture that is the current

Art I’m Eyeing

I’m super picky when it comes to art.  It needs to be beautiful, fun, calming, and extremely inexpensive.  I have not reached the point in my life where I am going to buy original fancy art for hundreds of dollars.  Sorry folks.  The one exception is when we travel, and then I actually try to