Megan + Chris Wedding- Invitations

I really think that the absolute most difficult part of the wedding planning process for me was designing my invitations.  As a calligrapher, I see the most beautiful custom invitations all the time, and it was really tough for me to narrow down what exactly I wanted.  I am also still working on learning to digitize all of my art and calligraphy to create the documents and make them print ready so this was quite a learning process for me.  I wanted to incorporate a hand drawn element because I love the look of imperfect lines when they are letterpressed.  I also wanted a botanical element and slightly curved calligraphy.  I decided to order a custom wax seal using the wreath design from our accommodations card.  I topped the invitation suite with transparent vellum to act as an “inner envelope” and wrapped it up with silk ribbon and gold string before sealing it all together.  I went with a black botanical for the envelope liner and decided to have two pieces of the suite including the reply card and main invitation letterpressed in black because I liked the contrast between them.  The accommodations cards were printed in a light dusty lavender color that blended nicely with the silk ribbon.  I had a very special team of assistants who were pivotal in my getting through the decision making and production part of creating these alive.  Colleen and Chris were by my side every step of the way with photoshopping and cutting envelope liners, perfecting wax seals (which can be a little tricky), licking vintage stamps, wrapping ribbon.  Colleen’s husband, Corey, and my mom were also super helpful along the way.  I also want to say a special thank you to my friend Elisabeth, from Elisabeth Rose, who helped me get these printed on the most beautifully thick and creamy paper with deliciously textured letterpress.  If you guys are looking for a custom stationer, she is incredible at what she does.  Thanks Elisabeth!!! Once again, beautiful photos by Allison Kuhn.

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  1. Katie

    These are stunning! I’m glad I stopped by. I needed to look at something beautiful on this sad cloudy Monday!