Painted Message Mason Jars {DIY}

We have had our eyes on this DIY from a cute blog called Pure and Noble we found on Pinterest for some time now.  Due to the fact that we already had every item needed for it and didn’t need to make any purchases (love that), we decided to give it a shot last weekend.  It seemed like

Dressed Up Noisemakers {DIY} + Sparkly Lantern {DIY}

The truth of the matter is, while noisemakers are a fun New Years Eve addition, there is nothing particularly newsworthy about them.  Colleen and I decided we were unhappy with this state of affairs.  We wanted fancy noisemakers for a fancy New Years.  I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable DIYs

Quick and Colorful Confetti {DIY}

Back when we were preparing for our photoshoot with Catrina, Meg and I decided to use confetti as one of our props because we loved the way it looked in pictures.  I went to etsy, our usual resource for crafty items when we decide not to make them ourselves (which is pretty rare).  Well, as

Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globe {DIY}

I was at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and noticed these… And I thought to myself, “Those people are crazy inside their heads if they think anyone would pay $38 for that.”  Well, enough people paid $38 for them that they are sold out on the website.  I will admit that they are adorable.  I

Mercury Glass Votives {DIY}

When Colleen and I were looking at ideas for centerpieces for her wedding, we loved the idea of using mercury glass votives on each table.  However, when we realized that these votives run about $3 each and we calculated costs at 4 votives per table, it became clear that it would be pretty much out

Scripted Pumpkin {DIY}

I’m not really sure if you could even call this a DIY because it is so easy, but I’m going to file it under that category anyway.  So Megan and I were toying around with the idea of carving white pumpkins to put on the front steps of the wedding venue for a long time.