Scripted Pumpkin {DIY}

I’m not really sure if you could even call this a DIY because it is so easy, but I’m going to file it under that category anyway.  So Megan and I were toying around with the idea of carving white pumpkins to put on the front steps of the wedding venue for a long time.  However, we realized that this was not completely practical since carved pumpkins do not stay fresh long and it was likely that we would be running around like mad women the week before the wedding (which of course we were).  Then one day I saw this:


Of course!  We could just write on the pumpkin and then we wouldn’t need to worry about the time frame!  So that is precisely what we did.  Supplies include 1 beauty pumpkin + 1 paintbrush + paint.  If you are feeling like you want a particular script, then practice a little on a piece of paper beforehand.  We tried to mimic Some Weatz, which we used in a lot of the wedding signage.  It is helpful to write the words in pencil on the pumpkin first.  Then you paint the pumpkin.

I really love how they turned out!  Here is a picture of the love pumpkin at the wedding: 

 I believe this would make a lovely addition to your Thanksgiving festivities!

Lots of love,

Photo Credits: 1, the last image was taken by bridesmaid Sarah


  1. C-Cat

    Super Fab!!! It did rock at the wedding

  2. Lindsay

    Love these! They were one of my favorite little details at the wedding!

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