Painted Message Mason Jars {DIY}

We have had our eyes on this DIY from a cute blog called Pure and Noble we found on Pinterest for some time now.  Due to the fact that we already had every item needed for it and didn’t need to make any purchases (love that), we decided to give it a shot last weekend.  It seemed like a good idea for trying to make things cute and organized in our homes of disasterness for 2012.

What you’ll need:

1)  Mason jars (we used ones Colleen had left over from the wedding)

2) Spray paint in the colors of your choosing.  Krylon really has the best color options in my opinion and can be bought at Home Depot and Hobby Lobby amongst other fine retailers.  Lowes does not carry Krylon, just an FYI.

3) A glue gun with glue sticks

4) A pen that will show up on glass.  This is purely optional as you can just freehand with the glue gun as well.  We used a red sharpie that we had on hand but found out that we had to use several extra coats of spray paint to cover the red.  Black might not be as bad.  The girl from Pure and Noble was more intelligent than us and used a white fabric pencil.

 What you’ll do:

1) Use your pen to write on the jars.  We chose words that would correspond with what Colleen wanted to put in them.  We decided on “grow” to be used as a flower vase, “write” to store pens and pencils, and “sweet” for truvia and sugar packets to be kept in.

2) Heat up your glue gun and trace over the words already written.  My hands were particularly shaky (weird. coffee imbalance??) on the day we did it so I had to go over some areas twice.  Let glue dry and remove all those obnoxious little stringy things to the best of your ability.

3) Take outside and spray paint each jar by using short bursts and keeping the can at least 12 inches from jar.  It is better to do several thin coats.  The glass surface makes it drip and pool very easily.

We figured out pretty quickly that it works better to paint the front of the jars when they are laying down.  Just take our word for it.

Let dry and you’re done.  How great is that?  It turned out quite cute despite my questionable glue gunning skills.

 Colleen is keeping these and I have been feeling quite jealous about it.  I think I am gonna have to make some of my own.


  1. Dad

    You are amazing

  2. Stephanie G

    Like!! Think I will use to root herbs cut on windowsill.

  3. Lindsay

    These are too cute! I painted one gold and it’s housing my make up brushes. I think I need to do more now!

  4. Abby

    What a great idea!! Got to love something beautiful and functional!

  5. Taylor

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! So freakin cute. Ok, I don’t have glue guns or any fancy crafting stuff. Maybe you could make some suggesstions for a crafting starter kit? Beginner crafters?? I want to create!!

  6. Colleen

    Thanks guys! Mom G and Linds, you should definitely do it. This was the easiest DIY ever. Taylor, get you a glue gun, some mason jars, and a spray paint. That’s all you need for this one!

  7. Steven

    Does this mean Megan won’t have Truvia packs falling out of the cabinet everytime you want to get a glass anymore? I’m gonna miss that

  8. Megan

    Thanks guys. Taylor, we will do a post about necessary craft supplies just for you. Steven, we are supposed to be keeping it quiet that I live in a state of generally organized chaos. We are trying to keep up appearances around here. Shh!

  9. Lauren Tate

    I love these! And Lindsay you must have read my mind because I thought how great these would be with “Pretty” on them for my vanity table!

  10. Colleen

    Love that idea Lauren! Now I need a vanity table specifically for that purpose.

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  12. Markita

    Great idea! I can’t wait to try it. Simpy beautiful!!!!

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