Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Girly Brunch

To be perfectly honest, I like getting flowers or candy as much as the next girl but I have never really considered Valentine’s Day to be a very big deal.   However, I do fully support pink and spending time with loved ones and so I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to get

Mini Heart Cupcake Toppers {DIY}

We wanted to do something super simple for a quick Valentine’s DIY this year (as we weren’t quite feeling up to a tablescape) and Megan came up with the idea of using little cardstock hearts for cupcake toppers.  You know how we like to top our cupcakes.  The beauty of this DIY is that you

Rose Water Vanilla Cupcakes

Lately we have been seriously hankering for some cake.  We wanted to try something a little different so we decided to bake rose water cupcakes.  We felt like this would be simple (not a lot of silly ingredients or directions)  and also something that is very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  After all, what says Valentine’s

Cookies n Cream Bark in a Little Pink Package

I decided that I wanted to make a little treat last weekend for my Valentines.  When I was looking around for recipes that would be easy and quick, I came up with one for Cookies n Cream 4 layer bark from How Sweet It Is.  I felt that this sounded like a winner. Cookies n Cream

Heart Bokeh

So I got a Canon Rebel this past Christmas from Corey and have since taken more pictures than I have probably taken in my whole life.  I have also started to learn some fancy photography terminology.  Well kind of.  What I previously referred to as “blurry background in the pretty picture” is actually called a bokeh.


Since Mondays are generally not very delightful and with Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow, I thought I would share some sweet and dreamy pretties with you to start off your week.  Obsessed with everything here.   Image credits:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12