Valentine’s Girly Brunch

To be perfectly honest, I like getting flowers or candy as much as the next girl but I have never really considered Valentine’s Day to be a very big deal.   However, I do fully support pink and spending time with loved ones and so I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to get girly with your friends.  This year I plan on having a few of my besties over for a Valentine’s Day weekend brunch and I decided to play around with some items I already had to create some table prettiness.  Although we will probably be drinking mimosas instead of tea, I have always liked the idea of a tea party so I incorporated my pretty tea tins that I bought at Target in the decor along with an orchid I bought a few weeks ago that is totally still alive.

I also used the silverware we painted for our spring tablescape last year.   I definitely used more patterns all together than I typically do (paisley, stripes, polka dots, and boho print) but I actually quite like result.  Since it is just the girls, we may as well get a little wild.

  1. Laura at Brunch with Laura

    Valentine’s brunch is such a cute idea!! This is one of my favorite months- anniversary and valentines!!


  2. Kristen

    Ahhh too much fun! Love the idea of an all girls vday!

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Such a beautiful little tea party… perfect for Valentines day or any special occasion. xo

  4. Taylor

    Lovely Megs! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next. This truly does look professional to the max. Very cool.

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  6. Brigette

    Lovely! The soft pink is so sweet and I love those glasses with the gold dots. Where did you find those?

  7. Megan

    Thanks Brigette! The glasses were bought at Pier One a few years ago. They may still have them but I am not really sure. 🙂