Organizing My Life

So the deal is this… calligraphy, while a lovely hobby, is also a surprisingly messy one.  It requires that one possess quite a lot of crap.  Namely inks, papers, envelopes, pens, nibs, paint, erasers, etc.  This is all well and fine until you start trying to keep all of your calligraphy supplies in a big

White-washed Jewelry Holder {DIY}

As far as jewelry organization goes, I have had a system in place for my earrings for some time, but my necklaces have been a hot mess.  All tangled and jumbled up and strewn everywhere.  Not functional and certainly not attractive.  I got the idea for a simple white washed necklace/jewelry holder when we were

Painted Woven Baskets

For whatever reason, I have had one heck of a time trying to decorate my room.  For about the first year I lived here, everything I used in it was either black, white, grey or some other shade of neutral.  I was completely incapable of making any decisions when it came to color or pattern.

For the Love of Friday – Organization Inspiration

As is always the case with the New Year, since January 1st, I have been feeling like I need a change.  I have all these aspirations.  Eat healthier.   Use Corey’s Rosetta Stone that we have had laying around for 4 years (so embarrassing) to learn Spanish.  Go to the YMCA more than twice a

Painted Message Mason Jars {DIY}

We have had our eyes on this DIY from a cute blog called Pure and Noble we found on Pinterest for some time now.  Due to the fact that we already had every item needed for it and didn’t need to make any purchases (love that), we decided to give it a shot last weekend.  It seemed like