Salem in October

This time last year we were up to our ears in Halloween party preparations and while we get super excited about our yearly party, the time and energy we put into it also makes us feel super tired.  At that time we made a decision that this year we would take off from throwing a

Bewitched Tablescape

I have always liked the idea of having an intimate Halloween dinner for friends.  Since my October weekends got absurdly busy and it doesn’t look like I am going to have the opportunity to do it this year, I thought it would be fun to throw together a little tablescape with some ideas for what


Hi!  Thought I would pop in for a quick happenings post.  I know that Colleen had mentioned this a few weeks ago but we have had a few questions about it since then so I thought I would mention it again.  We are very sad to report that we will not be having a Halloween

Halloween Purchases

For the last few weeks now, I have been watching stores release their Halloween merchandise and biding my time.  I made a promise to myself that I would only buy a few very special items this year and wanted to wait so I could weigh all of my options.  Well…big mistake.  One of the items

A Haunted Speakeasy How To

So, since we bombarded y’all with speakeasy stuff all last week, we actually were considering not doing this post.  But Colleen told me her husband absolutely insisted saying, “Aren’t you a DIY blog after all?”  We can’t really argue with him I suppose.  So I thought I would take a few minutes today to talk

A Haunted Speakeasy: Free Printables

There wasn’t a huge amount of signage at our Speakeasy, partially because I was tired and sitting on my tuckus watching TV seemed better than making more signs, and partially because the party didn’t really need that many.  The ones I did make turned out pretty cute because – let’s be honest – deco fonts